Truck Accident – Truck Collision

A Florida judge has required an insurance company to pay a paralyzed truck driver $14.6 million due to a 2007 accident. The plaintiff was driving an 18-wheeler when another driver ran a stop sign, cutting the plaintiff off. The truck driver swerved out of the way, and his truck overturned. The accident cost the plaintiff the use of both his arms and legs and left him with extensive medical bills. If the plaintiff had not swerved, the other driver would have been killed. The insurer for the truck driver denied coverage, so the truck driver sued.

I have successfully handled a number of major car and truck collision cases in Baltimore and other counties in Maryland. Truck collision cases in Maryland are especially complicated because the lawyer must know the intricacies of federal and state truck rules and regulations, maintenance requirements, inspections, limitations on the number of hours drivers may drive, etc.

In one recent Baltimore truck accident case that I handled, the driver of the truck that struck my client and caused significant brain damage had been involved in several other accidents before causing my client’s accident. I retained a very well respected trucking expert who said not only was the truck driver negligent for causing the accident, but the trucking company was negligent for continuing to employ the truck driver after several accidents. This resulted in a major million dollar plus settlement.

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