Skykesville Man Killed in Tragic Howard County Accident

Dr. Brian Edgar Emery, a Howard County physician, was killed on Thursday evening when the vehicle he was driving was struck from the rear by another vehicle and pushed into oncoming traffic. Dr. Emery was stopped on Route 32 near the Howard-Carrol County border waiting to make a left turn when his vehicle was hit from behind by a van being driven by Thomas Donald Cory. A recent, Baltimore Sun Article, reported on this tragic accident which occurred on a dangerous stretch of road in Howard County. Earlier this year a mother and child were killed on the same stretch of road.

A follow-up article in today’s Baltimore Sun discusses plans to repave and restripe that section of Route 32 in an attempt to make the road safer. The County’s desire to take immediate action to repair this road is indicative of just how dangerous this section of roadway is. County Executive, Ken Ullman, Governor O’Malley and various State Highway Officials have been working to take steps to make this section of road safer.

Thursday’s accident was an unfortunate mix of circumstances with a tragic ending. Had their been a dedicated left turn lane perhaps this accident could have been avoided. If Mr. Cory had been paying more attention to the traffic in front of him, this accident might have been avoided. Currently there are no charges pending, however State Police Officials are still investigating.

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