Recovering for injuries suffered in an accident involving a company vehicle.

Experienced Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys know the various ways to recover for injuries suffered if involved in an accident with a vehicle owned by a business or company. If a Maryland resident is injured when their vehicle is struck by a company or business vehicle driven by another person, there are several sources of recovery for their injuries, including the company’s insurance, the other driver’s insurance or their own insurance company. If a Maryland resident is driving a company vehicle that is involved in an accident, they potentially may recover from; 1) Workers’ Compensation, 2) the other driver’s insurance company or 3) their own insurance company.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers who have experience handling car accident case in Maryland involving commercial vehicles or vehicles owned by business or companies in Maryland know that there are several different avenues of recovery to help injured Maryland residents. If the car accident victim was struck or injured by a commercial vehicle, the experienced Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to advise their client on to receive compensation for their injuries from one of three different sources. Injured Maryland car accident victims can recover for their injuries from the following sources; 1) The other driver’s personal car insurance may be liable to pay for accident, 2) the company or business who owned the vehicle that struck the victim may be liable to pay, 3) a victim may potentially recover from their own insurance company for injuries suffered in the accident if the company or other driver are uninsured.
If a Maryland Accident Victim is involved in an accident while they are driving a vehicle owned by their employer there are three possible sources of recovery for their injuries. 1) If the victim was driving the company vehicle during the course and scope of their employment, they will entitled to collect Workers’ Compensation benefits for their injury. Collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits does preclude the victim from suing their employer, but does not preclude them from filing suit against the other driver. Essentially, an injured employee can double dip. 2) an injured victim may collect for their injuries from the insurance company of the driver that struck their work vehicle. 3) an injured victim may also collect from their own automobile insurance when driving a company vehicle that is struck by another driver, if that driver is uninsured.
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