Pursuing an Airbag Case

Our firm has recently had considerable success against automobile manufacturers for defective airbags. We are familiar with the technical issues involving airbags that deploy with excessive force, untimely deployment, and airbags that do not deploy at all.

We represent client’s with airbag cases throughout the United States. Our expert network is highly skilled and effective. We offer free consultations and ask that you at least obtain a police report and vehicle photographs as soon as possible. In addition, we are interested in knowing:

1. Year, make and model of the vehicle 2. Whether any air bags deployed (driver, passenger, rollover air bags, side air bags, etc.)?
3. What were the injuries?
4. Date and description of accident, including what part of the vehicle was involved (front, side, rear) and what was hit (another car, pole, tree, etc.)
5. Do they have photographs of the vehicle damage?
6. Is the vehicle available? Where is it stored?
7. Description of any prior accidents with that vehicle 8. Was the person wearing their seat belt?
9. Were alcohol or drugs involved?

It is critical that you do not sell the car or allow the insurance company to salvage the vehicle. The vehicle will need to be preserved for inspection. For more information, please contact our team of lawyer to discuss.

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