Injured Skateboarder’s Family Loses Lawsuit

A skateboarder’s failure to yield when entering a highway contributed to his own demise and bars his widow and estate from recovering against the driver whose vehicle struck and killed him, the Court of Special Appeals has held. A recent article in the Maryland Daily Record discusses the Court’s determination that a skateboarder is a “vehicle” and therefore subject to the boulevard rule. Thousands of Marylanders are injured every year while riding on skateboards, bicycles and other recreational vehicles. An experienced accident attorney can help injured victims recover compensation for their injuries under the law.

Under Maryland law, a favored driver has the right of way under the boulevard rule. For years, the law was unclear as to what status skateboarders, cyclists and pedestrians held under this rule. This latest decision by the Court holds a skateboarder to a higher standard of care under the law with regards to the contributory negligence rule. An experienced Maryland Accident Attorney is well-versed in this law and can accurately and effectively advise injured victims on how best to proceed with their case. If you or someone you know is injured while riding on a skateboard, bicycle or any other type of recreational vehicle contact the personal injury experts.

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