Home Depot Negligence

A Georgia jury has awarded a Home Depot customer and his wife $1.5 million in a case arising from a forklift accident in a store. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff suffered severe neck and spine injuries after a pallet of plywood fell 24 feet from a forklift. The wood hit a barricade that knocked the plaintiff over, trapping the plaintiff under the plywood. This caused the plaintiff to incur over $120,000 in medical expenses and have to stop working in construction. The verdict included $30,000 for loss of marital relations.

Over the years, Home Depot and other “big box” retailers have faced many lawsuits over what is called “sky shelving,” which involves storing stock above customers.

I successfully handled a negligence case just like this in Maryland, where a woman was injured when wood fell on her in a large home improvement store. The key to these cases is getting the policies and procedures of the store in order to show that the store violated its own policies and procedures.


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