City Agrees to Pay Thousands to Victims of Police Brutality

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates approved two settlements in two cases against City Police Officers stemming from police brutality. In one case, the City approved at $320,000.00 Settlement for four victims and in the second, approved a $75,000.00 settlement on behalf on one victim.

In May, a Baltimore City Jury awarded 4 men $1.85 million dollars based on misconduct on the part of a Baltimore City Police Officer. Those men claimed that they were harrassed while playing basketball in Patterson Park. They claim the officer used excessive force and arrested them in a show of force. Their claim was settled for $325,000.00. In a second case, a baltimore city resident was the victim of police brutality when he was struck in the face after cursing at an officer. He suffered a fracture to the bone around his eye as a result of the violent actions of the police officers. Experienced Maryland Accident Attorneys can help recover damages for the vicitms of police brutality. If you or someone you know has been injured by a police officer please contact the best in Maryland Personal Injury

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