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Motions in limine are filled by a party to prevent the jury from hearing any mention of potentially prejudicial information that the moving party believes is not admissible at trial. Because juries often decide cases like beauty pageants and award damages on like-ability issues, a good trial lawyer will recognize these issues and attack them in a Motion in Limine.

In such a motion, the party must argue that the evidence should be excluded because it is incompetent, irrelevant, immaterial, privileged, or otherwise inadmissible.

We often file such a motion before trial to keep out unfavorable facts we believe defense counsel will raise. Such examples may include our client’s prior injury, criminal record, or other prejudicial matters.

A jury in Howard County, Maryland recently awarded a woman $188,000.00 for injuries she sustained as a car accident victim traveling in a co-workers vehicle, according to an article appearing in todays Dailty Record. Experienced Maryland Accident Attorneys can help victims injured in automobile accidents recover for their injuries. If you are having trouble dealing with your or the other drivers insurance company, an experienced attorney can help you navigate the judicial process to maximize your recovery.
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