Baltimore County Bicyclist Killed by Negligent Driver

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that 42 year old Lawrence Bensky, a married father of two was tragically killed on Wednesday while riding his pedacylce on Falls Road in Baltimore County. Mr. Bensky was riding on the roads shoulder when, 64 year old Faith Frenzel drifted off the road onto the shoulder striking Mr. Bensky and his riding companion, Joel Wyman. Mr. Bensky was killed in the accident, and Mr. Wyman is in serious condition. The Baltimore County police are currently investigating the accident and anticipate filing charges against Ms. Frenzel in the near future.
Under Maryland law, a motorist who negligently injures a pedestrian or cylist is liable for those injuries. An experienced Maryland accident attorney can make sure victims and their familes are represented and protect their rights and claims under the law.

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