Baltimore City Bus Crashes into Parked Cars Today

The Baltimore Sun is reporting this morning that a Mass Transit passenger bus crashed into four parked cars in Baltimore City. The accident occurred early this morning in the area of the Alameda and 33rd Street. Four passengers were taken by medic to Union Memorial hospital. According to the MTA, the bus driver fell asleep. The bus hit one parked car which caused a domino effect and damaged a total 8 parked vehicles.

Although there may be medical issues why this MTA bus driver fell asleep, on a broader scale it is ridiculous how dangerously some bus drivers operate their 30 tons of steal. All one has to do is drive on the city streets of Baltimore on any given day and you will get a crash course in defensive driving. Like a wild heard of elephants, these buses will run red lights, merge lanes without signaling and otherwise dominate the roads as if they were vacant. It is no wonder that there are so many accidents involving city buses. There has to be a better way to evaluate and monitor the drivers so that the unsafe drivers can be weeded out and the safe drivers do not continue to get a bad rap. It is time to replace the ads on the back of city buses that say “If you have a phone, you have a lawyer” and replace if with “Report unsafe driving to 800-xxx-xxxx”.

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